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Primary age Pilates

December 31, 2018

Are you sick of fidget spinners in class? Have pilates classes at your school..mums can join in too! Get the extra energy out before class starts with a series of age appropriate stretches using imagery for fun (apples hanging off the tree!). Get the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing in the body with partner pilates- a fun and social way to channel young energy productively. Each week a different special someone gets to roll the exercise dice and the whole class follows the class that you have decided on. We deal with a number of classroom issues- and bring focus, calmness and a clear mind through "crossing the centre line" for bilateral integration, gross motor development and body awareness to engage both left and right sides of the brain, and encouraging coordination and integration, core stability, and join protection for young joints while they play sports and go about their day. A marked improvement in behaviour and mood is often noticed after pilates class.

Joint Protection for Upper Grades

December 31, 2018

So many people come to me 20 yrs later with "old injuries" from school sports. We did not know then what we know now- young joints aren't ready for dynamic and repetitive sports actions without joint conditioning. Add to that -sitting is very corrosive to the body and as a student sitting for many hours in a day is part of the rigour. Back problems, tight hamstrings and hip flexors. As well as joint conditioning pilates at your school provides flexibility, a calm space, social interaction, bodily awareness and a sense of overall wellbeing. Teen aged children can have difficulty managing school stresses and all of the hormonal changes and anxieties experienced throughout their lives. Pilates can be a transformation experience. The adolescent in the picture demonstrates another benefit prized above others the reason that he loves coming to pilates conditioning class.

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