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As a passionate health advocate who studies the science of health every day, I get see the statistics from an academic point of view, and yet live it physically through my health services. An evidence based approach is important for me and studies have shown that Pilates classes are suitable for most people, low impact, high yield and time effective.  I have been teaching pilates for almost 6 years, but have been practicing it much longer. I credit pilates to helping me lose 35kgs after having children, and helping me gain the confidence to go on to study a Bachelor of Health Science/Health Promotion at University, with a special interest in respiratory, Women's and mental Health. Losing weight is great, however, prevention is better than cure and the younger you start introducing  joint strengthening and healthy concepts to children the better.  I find pilates to be a great stress reliever when anxiety inevitably tries to steep in to life. So as well as a conditioning method it's also a stress management tool, and an all round great use of time!
​As well as workshops in Pelvic Floor Health, Asthma control and Arthritis care, I have studied a course in Mindfulness Technique, which can help with focus and imagery in class. Mindfulness technique when breathing,  stretching and working the core leaves a space between stimulus and response- becoming a "reset" button leaving the mind renewed.

                                            I believe challenging yourself, and ambition in self compassion and self acceptance. Balance is essential.  Just taking the time out to focus in on yourself is what most people need- to Invest in your  Health. It truly is the most precious asset you have.

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